Finding Your Way

19 Sep 2023

Does Bitcoin Offer Freedom?

No. We need to create freedom in our lives if that’s what we hope and desire for. Bitcoin the currency and bitcoin the network do not inherently create freedom. It creates an opportunity through economic incentives as the network continues to grow and adoption occurs. You might say it will offer economic freedom in a way that humanity has never experienced with a money that has no central authority, but in my opinion is not enough.

It’s going to be a tough row to hoe though if that’s the only thing we are relying on to bring more freedom into our lives. A more important display is what we do with our time and the wealth it brings us. That’s where I believe the majority of our freedom will reside. It is going to be in how we conduct ourselves in our communities. I think we need to continue to contribute to and accumulate bitcoin in whatever way we can but at some point we need to become respectable figures in the communities in which we live. It’s not that we need to flaunt anything, in fact I think thats going to be a detriment. But if we have more time available as a result of the wealth that Bitcoin has brought us, we should utilize that to bring something to the community within which we live.

That might take the shape of simply raising a family, maybe the form of running for a local office (national politics is a waste and distraction for the most part), maybe offering bitcoin education, community garden, church, etc. But in some way I believe we need to integrate with our communities. Note, many things don’t even require massive wealth, rather a willingness to contribute and participate.

Where To Go From Here?

It seems we are at an impasse. The more we can pull back from the state the better, but what is that going to look like?

During the COVID Tyranny and the height of lockdowns, my wife and I made the decision to move to a small mountain town. We took our children and made the pilgrimage. Was it easy? No. In fact it made many things more difficult during that time of our lives. There were many times where it seemed almost impossible, as everyone else seemed to be doing the same thing and the market was insane.

What we found? A community that was a bit shy, but after showing that we were wanting to participate, we quickly found friends and neighbors willing to accept us with open arms. I guess the point I am trying to make is that it’s going to look different for everyone, but the effort is worth it if it’s the vision you have. To be honest I had a small stack of Bitcoin and some other shitcoins (No I have not always been a maxi), but I was not thinking that Bitcoin was going to offer me more freedom in this context. What I was thinking was “I need to get my family out of the city, because COVID tyranny is not worth living under the thumb of”.

Finding Your Way

This is a purely personal decision. I believe that bitcoin is going to be a large component of growing personal freedom, but is it the only component? No, I think there are many other opportunities available in other areas of our lives as well. This is largely going to be in the context of you and your current situation, but we need to grow in effectiveness in our communities is the point I am trying to make. We are largely in a spiritual war. A war for hearts and minds. I believe we need to find ways to reach others in this area and help pull them back. Do I believe everyone falls into a category of being able to be saved. No. I think there are some who will gladly walk into the gates of slavery. But there are many who are seeking alternative from a CBDC digital panopticon hell. Those are the ones we should focus on helping and growing with in whatever way possible.

Till next time!