Finding My Why

block-height 845786 29 May 2024


This post is about finding out why do I do the things I do. I left a career at a bitcoin company approximately a year ago, both for personal reasons and reasons of personalities. Bitcoiner’s are like libertarians. Some of the worst infighters I know, but I think that’s because we exude a love and a want to grow something, oftentimes in differing ways. This leads to nuanced views and in my experience some of the most authentic and also determined people. I left a bitcoin focused company and went back to the corporate world, looking back not the best decision I’ve made but that’s life. It’s easy to let slip by the time and passion for something different and lose something along the way. I have definitely been stacking sats, and dabbling in a couple open source projects, but not focused on the bitcoin and freedom tech to the extent that I’d like to be.

The Truth

I like the people for the most part that I work. My current boss is actually a really good guy and my other team members are pretty intelligent and can be fun to work with. But corporations can really suck. They lend themselves to most of the woke nonsense that is so prevalent in our culture today and I’d like to earn a living by not letting my talents and energy go to waste. I am not quite at the spot to be independently wealthy and work on opensource projects as I see fit as I still have bills to pay and want to keep stacking corn like a madman. But one thing I am certain of is that God doesn’t want me to waste talent somewhere where it could be better spent. I believe Bitcoin is the best chance that I and my children have to living a life with more freedom and intentionality.

What Next?

I have no idea, but I know I am being divinely driven and that God will put me where I will be of most benefit to others. I’ve got some ideas about directions to go and I am truly going to trust that the universe has a plan for me in relation to where it wants me to be. Maybe for a time it’s where I am working currently (but I know that it’s not in my heart). Time is our most precious resource, so don’t let it be wasted. That’s the one thing I have learned during all of this. I am asking daily for guidance knowing that I’ll land where I am supposed to be and have a fulfilled purpose.

If You Actually Read This

Thank you. Please feel to drop me a note, either email or my on nostr. I would love to connect and see if we can drive the adoption of Bitcoin even greater.