Digital Panopticon

28 May 2023

Where is the Digital Panopticon Coming From?

I listened to the latest episode of TFTC with Jame Poulos. I had not heard of him before or his work, but I agree with a lot of his sentiment and the discussion of the digital surveillance state the direction it’s going and it’s origins. The ideas of transhumanism are more than a century old, and I believe the ruling elite/oligarchic class believes they now have an opportunity to push for greater surveillance and control of the masses. This is scary for sure, but I do believe that this is also a spiritual form of warfare and many of the ways to combat it are going to be largely in how we respond and build our lives. I believe that God is here for all of us and many teachings around the world including Christianity are pointing towards a salvation and that cannot be controlled no matter the wishes of a ruling class. This is their Achilles’s heel.

Transhumanist Agenda Writ Large

I’ve been a listener of both James Corbett and Whitney Webb. Here is an excellent interview/conversation between the two. The roots in the Eugenics movement is the founding of the modern day transhumanist movement and in my view is going under the guise of public health and bio-engineering in many instances. In the above interview Webb covers the Wellcome Leap Trust and the ideas around bio-engineering and sculpting of the human race using technology. Both through DARPA and Silicon Valley Big Tech Companies it’s easy to see the stranglehold on humanity by this agenda. We saw it unveiled even more so with COVID-19 and the implementation of contact tracing and later the mRNA technology in the form of coerced ‘vaccination’. If you are unfamiliar either Webb’s or Corbett’s work I implore you to look further. This is only the tip of the iceberg. In many ways these agencies and technology companies are a revolving door of power.

What Can We Do?

I believe that there are many forms that this war against humanity will take on. Both through digital surveillance, COVID style lockdowns in the name of health and/or global climate change, coerced medical procedures in the name of public health, central bank digital currencies (CBD’s), social credit scoring and more to add to the list. Basically it’s going to be aggressive attempts to further control our lives and place humans into an all around digital surveillance nightmare. To combat this I believe in looking towards God or a higher power for direction. I believe I have had a calling to write about this subject, so that is what I will do. I also believe in opting out of the current monetary system of fiat through using Bitcoin instead of CBD’s. Building community with other like minded individuals and forming relationships where we can is also going to be crucial. Learning as many skills to build on in order to improve your life and lessen reliance on centralized systems that will inevitably be part of the panopticon.

More To Come

I started writing this not knowing that this was a broad topic. I am going to regularly write about different parts of this to help shed light and bring solution. I do not like the idea of only presenting problems, but rather would like to bring light where there is darkness. Until next time.